The Bomb Bar Fundraiser

Our fundraiser is geared to smaller projects such as school associations, athletic teams, and dance groups. We set up a catalog of products for you to sell based on the season and type of group you are.  You receive 20-30% of sales depending on the total amount of sales. We also have incentives in place for high achievers like bomb buckets, mega bombs, and gift cards.


$800 to $1500 -  20%

$1501 to $2500 - 23%

$2501 to $5000 - 25%

over $5000 - 30%

We offer online orders/purchasing, paper orders/purchasing, or a combination of the two. For buyers that may be out of town, we can also set up flat rate shipping. Pick-up options will be instore


About Us


We are a Canadian-made and family-owned company in Lethbridge AB that creates artisan bath and shower products. Our products include unique fun-shaped and themed Bath Bombs, Bubble Bombs, Shower Bombs, Bath Soaks, and Salts that are completely hand-crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients.


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